Clubhouse refurbishment

Spring 2020

Our Clubhouse has had a makeover! As soon as we reopen members will be able to come and enjoy and relax after a game.

We’ve redecorated, updated and refurbished. 

Our club was founded in 1907. The Clubhouse, or Pavilion as it was called, opened in 1962, replacing the original ‘hut’. It was opened by A.G. Burnett Esq. the son of the founder of Brentwood Lawn Tennis Club. The Architect was F.W. Maitland.

The opening party sounds amazing. An exhibition match with John C. Barnett, British Davis Cup Captain and other ‘leading players’. Afternoon tea was served allowing for ‘inspection’ of the clubhouse. Followed by an evening Celebration Dinner Dance at the Grand Hotel, which comprised of a six course dinner and music from Winston Lee & band, with carriages at 1am.

Our bar was kindly donated by a golf club and originally opened in a small wooden shed in 1969 and incorporated into the main clubhouse in 1970. 

We hope that our opening party, which was planned for 2020, is anything as good as 1962’s grand opening! Watch this space.



Court & Floodlights

Project Brentwood

October 2020

Work is now underway on refurbishing all of our courts! Two courts, courts 5 & 6 have been repainted in our new Brentwood colours, blue & green. We all love them and the feedback has been great - thank you. Come up and have a go.
Next, 3 & 4 have been resurfaced and awaiting their new matching colours! 
Finally, we cannot wait for work to start on courts 1 & 2. Both are to be fitted with brand new cutting edge floodlights, designed especially for us. We’re looking forward to having two courts lit over winter and lots more club nights taking place. Exciting times ahead for Brentwood! Thank you for your understanding throughout the project, it’s taken many months of hard work from the committee and the positive support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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